Best desk styles and layouts for your office

An office desk is that place where you spend almost half of your day. And nowadays everyone desires a workstation that is both premium and comfortable. Some offices have a different theme and style so they like the workstations to compliment their business whereas there are offices who think out of the box to create a magical environment at your workplace. Listed below are a few styles of modular office furniture systems, that will give you an idea about what offices really like.

1.Multipurpose desk for the multitasker – multipurpose office desk

So if you work from home and have no space to organize your home office desk, choose a convertible office desk. These desks work perfectly when you have less space. A convertible desk also has a storage space to keep your work materials well- organized.

2.Executive desk – for the professional

Your executive desk is the classic office desk that keeps you going at work. It has a simple yet elegant design and structure with multiple drawers and shelves to keep your work essentials organized and safe. It also usually has a plug-n-play ports that gives the entire unit a systematic look.

3.L-shaped desk – save some space

An L-shaped desk saves a lot of space in terms of organizing books, files, stationery and everything you need while working. It also keeps all your essentials on one single table. Not only it has a wide table top, it also has various drawers and open shelves for keeping your work necessities in order.

4.Pop up with colours desk – vibrant desks

This type of desk can be of any of style and usually looks good with bright colours. As Leigh Hunt said, “Colours are the smiles of nature” such desks brighten up your mood and also keep you happy all day long. You can also personalize your desk with vibrant objects and materials.

5.Glass meets metal – contemporary metal and glass desk

The duo of glass and metal creates a classy appeal in the workplace. Glass top and metal legs look elegant as well as keep your office material look well maintained. There are many styles of glass and metal workstations and desks available. You can also get a customized unit made as per your preference.

6.Adjustable for comfort – adjustable desk

An adjustable desk has a height altering mechanism. This is ideal for folks who love working both ways—standing and sitting. It also has a specific system that allows you to increase or decrease the height of the desk whenever you want.

7.Neat and clean – classic table desk

Classic, neat and clean, a simple table office desk is your ideal solution for a well organized modular office workstation. You can select just about any style from trendy, modern to contemporary and traditional.

8.Modern and sophisticated – stylish desk

A modern office desk not just speaks about style but it also speaks about its functionality. These type of furniture often comes with sleek designs and sturdy structure. Shelves and drawers are either beautifully displayed or hidden in folds – saving space and looking beautiful at the same time. Modern desks are ergonomically designed to provide optimum comfort to you.

9.Crescent shaped desk – comfortable and sleek

A crescent or moon shaped office desk is best suited for an office reception. It keeps all your work materials organized and handy at the same time. From various colours, finishes and material that are available, there’s plenty that you can do to make your office look really awesome.

10.Back to the roots – traditional office desk

With a simple yet classy touch, a traditional office desk is still considered the best. Not only it has a beautiful design, but its simplicity makes it stand out amongst the rest. Multiple drawers on one side, a keyboard tray and a cabinet makes this desk an ideal choice for your office.

From numerous modular furniture manufacturers in Mumbai, there are only a few entities that can create your dream office. Also the increasing demand of modular furniture in India with several shapes, designs and styles gives you a lot to choose from. Whatever it is, choose the best because you deserve one!


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