Glass partitions to make your office look ‘WOW’

Planning to remodel your office and make better cabins and cubicles? Go for glass partitions. Creating a small discussion room or cafeteria in your office might take a little space, but if you use the perfect office partition system, it will add a nice touch to the interiors of your office. Glass or glazed partitions provides a neat look to the office and is ideal for making large as well as small spaces. Due to their transparency, a glass partition also allows light to enter each area, making your office look bright and well lit.

Let’s see how we can use glass partitions to transform the office space to make it look cool and elegant.

1.Glass partition for a small chat room

If you want to create a small discussion room in your office that can be used for quick meetings discussion and induction, a glass partition is the ideal choice. You can also select the type of glass you want from glazed, frosted to a plain tempered glass. This gives a sturdy yet beautiful appeal to your office. Colours of the frame that will hold the glass slabs can be matched with the interior décor to blend well with the surrounding.

2.Glass partition for cubicles

A very trendy and smart look can be created if you use glass partitions to divide office cubicles. If you want to make a departmental seating arrangement that looks tidy and uncluttered, then this is the best option for you. Frosted or glazed glasses are ideal for cubicle dividers. Giving a semi-opaque look to your office, frosted and glazed glass partition are an ideal solution for a beautiful cubicle design.

3.Conference rooms

Glass office partitions can be used in many ways to create a nice and elegant surrounding. You can create a conference room by using glass partition panel, this not only looks fabulous but will also give keep voices within the confines of the conference room.

4.Sliding glass door system

Sliding glasses are not new; we have been seeing these doors since a very long time. To add a classy touch to your office interior design, add sliding glass systems which save space and looks elegant. If your discussion needs privacy in meeting, a glass sliding door works the best. It also saves space and adds functionality to your office in the most efficient way.

5.Coloured glass partitions for a chic feel

And if you don’t like the all-glass look and you still have to use glass, choose coloured or tinted glass that will add a pop of brightness in the area. Visually appealing and charismatic, these brightly coloured glass slabs, when placed correctly can make your office look nice and appealing.

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