How To Plan Your Office Space

According to the Human Resources and Skills Development India, Indians spend an average 36.4 hours per week at work. And when you add this up for an entire month it goes above 1000 hours. That accounts for a lot of time at work. Now imagine spending those many hours in a cluttered office? Frustrating, isn’t it? Space is everything when it comes to designing your office. Proper and structured planning of an office space not only makes your office aesthetically appealing but also boosts your business and employees’ productivity.

Let us have a look at three crucial factors that you should look into while planning your office space:

  1. Incorporating Nature – Decorating your office with plants and flowers gives the space a lively appeal and brightens up the mood of employees. To give a cordial look to the office, select neutral-colored office furnitureand make the work atmosphere more peaceful and calm.
  2. Utilizing Natural Light – Relocating? Select an office space that has large windows. And even if you are not relocating, add blinds to the windows in your office and occasionally open the windows to let in fresh air and sunlight. This will freshen up your employees.
  3. Minimizing Distractions – Determine sources of distractions such as microwaves or noise from other possible gear and seat your employees away from them.
  4. Giving Employees Privacy – Furnish your office with non-traditional workstations that give employees their privacy while still allowing natural light through their work area. The perfect example of this is our modern panel system that allows privacy with 60” glass partitions.
  • Well-planned space keeps employees who often work in a team together. Also, consider placing office supplies and technology such as printers, fax machines, and extra paper conveniently located near departments/employees that use them the most, thus cutting back on travel time. The layout of your workplace should support work activity.
  • Giving Your Employees a Good Outside View –According to, research shows having a good outdoor view makes workers perform better – with one study revealing that computer programmers seated beside or opposite to beautiful outside views spent 15% more time on their primary task, while workers without good outside views spent 15% more time talking on the phone or to one another.
  • Designing Open Spaces That Encourage Collaboration –Design office with open spaces and comfortable seating. Encourage them to utilize the space for brainstorming sessions and coming up with great ideas. It could even serve as a great area for them to stretch their legs or work from their laptops for a change.
  • Three easy ways to achieve a comfortable workspace are to incorporate comfortable chairs, adjustable workstations, and maintaining a temperature between 19 and 22°C.
  • Adjustable armrests and seat to accommodate users of various heights.
  •  A supportive backrest, headrest and spacious seat for comfortable seating throughout the day at work.

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