Why are Electric Fireplaces Perfect for Your Home or Office

Want to create a sense of warmth in your home? The Opti-myst electric fireplace by Damian is just what you need to create a warm and cozy living space. Imagine flickering flames of fire without any smoke, fume or ashes. Opti-myst will not only help you cut down fuel consumptionbut also add a glowing ambience to any room.

This modern fireplace uses the revolutionary ultrasonic technology that helps in creating realistic flame and smoke effect. Through this technology, it becomes easy to simulate the beauty of crackling flames in a fashionable way. It looks as authentic as a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

Salient Features of Opti-myst Fireplace

Here are some of the features that make Opti-myst a must-have fireplace for your home or office:

  • There is zero emission which means, your room won’t smell of smoke and the air quality will remain safe and healthy.
  • It requires no combustion which means, no greenhouse gases and no harmful particulates. Opti-myst produces 90% less carbon dioxide than average fireplaces which helps in reducingenvironmental impact.
  • This fireplace is 100% energy efficient. All the heat produced is vented straight inside the room. There is no energy loss due to unnecessary venting.

Why invest in an electric fireplace?


Electric fireplaces are an economical, convenient and energy-efficient. They are a ‘green’ alternative to traditional fireplaces because combustible fuel isn’t used for heating. Also, you can reduce your energy consumption by 20-40%.

Easy to Maintain

Electric options are easy to maintain compared to a gas, charcoal or wooden fireplaces. Since there is no corrosion, such fireplaces don’t lose their attractive appearance for years.

Easy to Install

You can use electric fireplaces anywhere in your home or office. They are easy to install as opposed to wood-burning or gas fireplaces that require proper venting and a chimney. With an electric option, you just need an outlet to plug in and start using the fireplace.

Safe and Healthy

Electric fireplaces are safe because no injurious gas is emitted and there is no soot or ash that otherwise leads to breathing problems.

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