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Workstations / Desks / Conference TablesDelta

Delta Modular Furniture System stems from the triangular section of the monolithic side panel, which combining with the other components of the system make it both compact and light. Since the elements can be arranged in so many different configurations, functional office areas can be created to suit specific work requirements.

Workstations / Desks / Conference TablesClover

Clover Modular Furniture System is an infinite system with variable shapes, brackets that support work surfaces, the screens and accessories. The system furnishes and creates spaces with an infinite number of workstation configurations, meeting tables, partitions and cabin furniture.

Workstations / Desks / Conference TablesStudio

Studio Modular Furniture System with a rectangular MS section giving structural strength and combining with linear worktops provides a total office solution from an individual desk to the conference room.

Workstations / Desks / Conference TablesIntegra

Integra Modular Furniture System with SS leg structure combining with solid and glazed top offering an elegant office working system.

Workstations / Desks / Conference TablesFoster

Foster Modular Furniture System with an MS/SS leg structure combines with solid & glazed tops to offer an elegant office environment.