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Dual Slab Solid / Glass / Semi Solid-Glass PartitionEvoPlan

Attributing to its unitary constructional design, EVOPLAN provides a functional and customized styling effect in the office space while also devising an excellent wire management system. EVOPLAN also comes equipped with an internal GI framework for structural stability.

Single Glazed PartitionEvoSquare

This partitioning system is designed to allow light to flow throughout the workspace. EVOSQUARE's form exudes elegance and luxury in all kinds of surroundings while its soundproofing properties allow desk jockeys to work peacefully, making it ideal for office conditions.

Single Glazed PartitionEvoslim

EVOSLIM is a superior alternative to solid walls effectively utilized for organizing and dividing interior commercial spaces. This tailor-made glass wall offers an aesthetically pleasing and economical office spacing solution.

Single Glazed PartitionEvoultra

Regardless of whether you desire colourful contrasts, integrate patterns or crystal-clear partitions EVOULTRA is a superior alternative for office spaces.

Double Glazed PartitionEvoplus

EVOPLUS is an impressive alternative to single-glazed all-glass walls. This glass wall system is perfect for interior offices and conference & meeting rooms owing to its acoustic performance and elegance. EVOPLUS also allows for the option of internal blinds.

Single / Double Glazed PartitionEVOFUSION

This highly-customizable glass wall partition system with toughened glass panels produces unmatched room partitioning capabilities. EVOFUSION provides an ideal incentive for architectural excellence in the work space.