Revamp Your Office Conference Rooms For Better!

Conference rooms are most visited places in our office but are often neglected in design and style. Wouldn’t it be great to add a sense of style to the conference rooms and make it look appealing? There are a few styles and tips below to check the trends and styles to make the office conference room wonderful.You can style the conference room with the simple yet elegant wooden planks which are used for dividers. Classy walnut or cherry finished conference table with matching or complementing walls add to the esthetics of the room without over doing the décor. Though you can select colours of your choice, it is recommended to see the colour combination and then do the décor for the office conference room.

Tip: If you are using a darker conference table, choose light or pale shade for the floor and medium tones for the walls to make the office décor colour coordination look well balanced.

Conference room with a glossy table looks wonderful and stylish. Squares for one single wall where you can fit the LCD or a screen for projector would add more to the professional style of the space. You can also use glass walls for all the four side or just a single glass wall to create a well lit ambience.

Tip: If you chose only white color for all the walls, select the furniture according to the taste of your business. In a quirky and fun business, use bright colours, whereas if you have a serious business, use dark colours like brown and black.

Creating round conference rooms and cabins would make your office look trendy – making employee happy too. No more simple rectangular conference rooms, which does not match with modern décor ideas. Glass makes conference rooms look elegant and also let’s light come in making the space look bigger and brighter.

Tip: Glass is versatile and you can use glass for any styled conference rooms to make it appear beautiful and practical at the same time.

Blending tones has always been a hit when it comes to furniture. If you want to create a uniquely styled conference room for your office, you can choose the blend of wood and glass. Completely versatile and gorgeous, this combination will add a sense of style to your office space. These conference rooms look great when made on a corner of a big room.

Tip: Use any finish of wood to blend with plain glass. But if you want to use frosted glass use, darker finishes for a beautiful appeal.

Having a theme for the conference room would be a great idea if you want each area of your conference room to look well blended. For example, if coffee is your interior theme, so you can use shades of brown and cream to make your office look like delicious coffee.

Tip: When going for themes, use proper lighting to add a classy touch with the help of the colours.

There are many interior design companies in India, who are known for creating dramatic office solutions and doing fabulous office interior design. You can either get the above styles done through a professional interior designing company in Mumbai or from whichever city you belong. Interior designing services will be a great help to revamp your workspace into a gorgeous one!

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